Testimonial: Our Customer Planned Ahead For Furnace Tune-up

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Testimonial: Our Customer Planned Ahead For Furnace Tune-up

A Customer Who Planned Ahead

This past week, Mark called us, to let us know his furnace was not working. He was definitely not ready for the cooler weather. And he was not prepared to purchase a new one either. We sent our heating specialist out to assess the situation and provide an estimate. Mark was a good customer, we like people like him, because he did his homework and got a few estimates. He was able to not only see the details provided by each service person, but also and most importantly the dollars and cents. By doing this, he could see the details that we would go through to get the job done and get it done right. Also, he saw that our pricing was affordable and better than any of the other contractors, both in attention to detail as well as bottom line.

He called us “very competitive and pocket friendly”. Here’s the rest of his testimonial in his own words:

“Their service is remarkable, they had repaired it like a new one. I couldn’t wait much to enjoy winters. I would highly recommend Service MEDIX, given my experience for furnace repairs or installation. HAPPY WINTERS to ALL!”

Winterizing in Suffolk, Queens and Nassau

At the time, Mark did not have any additional tasks for us, but if he had, we could have sent a handyman to clean his gutters in preparation for winter, a landscaper to clean up leaves, or a windows and doors specialist to help prevent heated air from escaping and letting in the cold.

Contact us: by phone 1 (877) 70-MEDIX, by email, or here, to winterize your house and also become a happy Service MEDIX customer. No matter, whether you are in Queens, Suffolk or Nassau, NY, you can call us any time, for emergencies, same day service, 24/7 we are here to provide you with the most efficient service at the best price.