Spring Rain and Leaky Roofing - Need Roof Repair - We can help!

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Spring Rain and Leaky Roofing - Need Roof Repair -  We can help!

April showers can bring May flowers, but let’s get real for a minute. They can also show up all the damage that winter can bring to a roof. Shingles get loose. Cracks, fissures and joints get bigger due to water seeping in, freezing and expanding. Gutters and downspouts get clogged from leaves and debris. Friendly and fast roofing technicians and handyman services can provide you with a free evaluation and fairly priced estimate. While we are up on your roof, we will be happy to evaluate your chimney, vents, and skylights for damage, potential leakage or any other typical concerns relating to each.


Wouldn’t you like to get some other things taken care of also. Maybe get some repairs done in and around the house, organize and clean your garage or attic or basement? We can do that too, during your roof repair or replacement. We make one service call to do it all, because we group all the tasks together at the same time. Everyone shows up promptly! You do not have to shuffle your schedule around and sit home waiting for service people to show up between 9 and 5. Or not show up at all.


Need Roof Repair? Technicians and Handyman Services Available in Nassau, NY


We at Service MEDIX provide the highest quality in roof repair and replacement. Contact us for a free estimate, to repair winter damage before spring rains begin. We send handymen all throughout Suffolk, NY and surrounding areas. Our men and women are friendly, fast and charge a price that is fair.  With one call we do it all. Call us today: 877-706-3349, or email us. We provide next day, emergency, or same day service and will match or beat any quote from any other surrounding services. Call us today!