Electric Service : Install & repair


Electric Service : Install and Repair

Lights, switches, outlets, smoke alarms, ceiling fans, if they use electricity, our team of qualified, trained and licensed electricians can install, service or repair them. We keep up to date with all local, state  and national electrical code and assure that when we provide you with electrical services, you will be left with code compliant fixtures and wiring.

Don’t leave it to amateurs to do an expert job, be sure to contact us today, for service tomorrow or at your convenience.


Residential Lighting

We can assist you with choosing the ideal lighting for your home. All our lighting systems are easily maintained and automated. We can hardwire any or all of your lighting fixtures, so that you do not have to take up outlet space. Lighting options are: task, accent, interior and exterior and home security lighting. We can provide all bulb types from incandescent to compact fluorescent and LED.


Keep the lights on, by calling or contacting us online to help you with all your lighting needs.

Light Bulbs & Smoke Detectors

This may seem like a simple one anyone can change a light bulb. But what about inset lights in a cathedral ceiling.  Some people are afraid of ladders and some are elderly or too weak. Let us take care of your hard to reach light bulbs that are much too high for you to reach. Or change batteries in smoke detectors that are in locations that are difficult to reach. We have the right tools to get the job done, quickly and efficiently.

Call us or contact us online anytime, 24/7 and we can be there tomorrow or a day that is convenient for you, to change your inconveniently place bulbs and smoke detector batteries.


Ceiling Fans, Light Dimmers, Motion Detectors, Switches and Sockets

All of these require expertise in wiring, some more complex than others. Keep your home and your family safe, by having our qualified and trained electricians install, repair or replace any or all of these items.

Call us any time or contact us online, for safe and code compliant wiring.

Breaker Box - Main Electrical Panel This is the main distribution point where all your electricity is routed to various locations in your home. Older homes often have too many rooms on one breaker, causing the power to switch off in that zone. Our qualified electricians can assist in redistributing the electric load from switch to switch, so you will never have the power go off due to overload. Call us, so we can assess your power distribution and safely rewire your main electrical panel.

Whole House Surge Protectors

Power surges due to electric storms, brownouts or other causes can damage or destroy our sensitive electrical devices. We can install whole house surge protectors to help keep your computers, smart TVs,”smart home” devices and devices that are charging safe from power surges.

Don’t take the risk. Call Service MEDIX 1 (877) 70-MEDIX, for a free estimate. We stand by our guarantee to match or beat any competitors, by up to 10% less. Emergency or Same Day service is available.

Serving the Greater New York Area

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24/7 schedule us by phone or online for service the next day, or any day that is convenient to you. Emergency and Same Day services are available.

Service Medix Completes Work

Service Medix Completes Work

Our service professionals will promptly arrive and complete the tasks requested. The job is not closed, until you are satisfied.

Very Happy Customer

Very Happy Customer

Be confident that you will receive quality work from our team. We stand by our work, with our satisfaction guarantee!

24/7 schedule us by phone or online for service the next day, or any day that is convenient to you. Emergency and Same Day services are available.

Our service professionals will promptly arrive and complete the tasks requested. The job is not closed, until you are satisfied.

Be confident that you will receive quality work from our team. We stand by our work, with our satisfaction guarantee!

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