Last Minute Party Set Up and Party Clean Up

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Last Minute Party Set Up and Party Clean Up

You are down to the wire, the clock is ticking louder each day and your To Do list seems to be never ending. And as the list grows, so does anxiety. As you look forward to hosting a party or event, you think of the rest you will enjoy when it’s all over. Then you remember the clean up, and your heart sinks. If this is typical for you around this time of year, we are here to help. It’s not too late to contact us for some last minute cleaning or handyman service, repair work or even holiday decoration set up. We are here to help. And don’t forget we can help you clean up afterwards too, so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your family and friends.

The greatest benefit about Service MEDIX and this time of year is that we can do all these tasks at once. You do not need to wait for a variety of different services to come out, so no hours of waiting time lost. And you don’t have to pay first hour fees for numerous services, which amounts to a significant savings. One call will do it all.

Here are some services that we can do to improve your holiday celebration:

  • Outdoor holiday decoration set up – we can put up and take down your outdoor decorations. (And don’t forget that we can clean up your yard and get your patio furniture and barbecue ready for winter.)
  • Indoor cleaning service – we can clean your house, carpet and furniture before and/or after your party.
  • Handyman service – all those little repairs and annoying tasks that pull away from enjoying holiday related things can be done by our qualified handyman techs.
  • Winterizing your home – you want a cozy, warm, draft-free home for your guests, we can make that happen for you, with our winterizing service.
  • Chimney cleaning – so that you and your guests can enjoy a nice roaring fire, without smoking out the house or worrying about it causing problems up in the chimney.
  • Setting up new tech – gone are the days of plugging something in and turning it on. Even TVs aren’t that easy any more. If you are not tech savvy, it can be a real headache. We can take care of it for you. Smart home devices, TV, gaming and audio tech is all a breeze for us. We can also put together the necessary cabinetry and hang TVs for you.

Check out our list of services today, and see what we can check off your To Do list.

Service MEDIX is Here to Help in Nassau County and Neighboring Areas Have a Happy Holiday

We can provide all our services throughout the Nassau County area, and beyond. Call us today, 1 (877) 70-MEDIX , or email us. We can provide next day, same day or emergency service. And can beat or match any quotes that you receive from other services. Call us today!