Dripping Faucets, Slow Drains: Handyman Team with Plumbing Services Skills

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Dripping Faucets, Slow Drains: Handyman Team with Plumbing Services Skills

Oh that annoying drip … drip … drip … wouldn’t you love to get rid of it? Are you tired of having to wait for you sink to slowly drain, before you run more water into it? Is your toilet making odd rushing sounds on and off during the day and night? We think we know what the problem is. You are afraid to call one of the many local plumbing services, because you know the jobs are probably small and it shouldn’t take them very long. But you will have to pay for a one hour job, that may take less than an hour. What if we told you that within that hour, not only can you get all your plumbing issues resolved, but any other little tasks can also be done, maximizing the value of paying for that hour.


Plumbing Services AND Other Handyman Services All At the Same Time


Do you need curtains hung, or weatherstripping freshened up? Do you need moldings installed or your furnace tuned up? Would you like your attic or garage cleaned up and organized? We can come fix your plumbing and do any or all of those tasks at the same time. This will save you a lot of aggravation and money, rather than calling different services for different tasks.  With one call we do it all.


Call Our Handyman Services Team for Flooring in Nassau, NY


Service MEDIX can provide plumbing handyman services throughout all of Nassau, NY and surrounding areas. You can add other unrelated jobs to your plumbing visit to maximize the value of the time we spend there. Any small jobs are welcome, no job is too small: cleaning, hauling old trash that you cannot put in your regular trash pick ups, among many other jobs. We do it all, with one call to: 877-706-3349, or email us. We provide next day, emergency, or same day service. And can match or beat any quotes from other services. Call us today!