Enjoy A Cozy Safe Home This Winter, We Provide Chimney Repair and Maintenance

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Enjoy A Cozy Safe Home This Winter, We Provide Chimney Repair and Maintenance

A warm, cozy house is most welcome after being out in the cold, whether playing or working. Resting by a fire or in a room warmed by a properly working heating system is one of many enjoyable things in life.

We are here to help you get the best out of your fireplace and heating system each winter. Keeping your fireplace and heating system working its best and safest will save a lot in the long run, in comparison to the costly error of not maintaining and ending up with costly repairs. And Service MEDIX can help you save even more by providing services at an average half the price of our local competitors.

Fireplace and Chimney services that we provide are inspection, repair or replacement of:

  • Firebox – Loose mortar and cracks can be filled with cement that withstands the heat of a fire.
  • Damper – We check the damper to be sure it operates smoothly and look it over for rust or damage. A damper that doesn’t close well, will make you lose heat from your home. A damper that doesn’t open well, will let smoke into your home when you use the fireplace.
  • Chimney – Flashing around the bottom of the chimney should be in good condition. Any metal components should be inspected for rust. We check brick and mortar for loss of mortar, which may allow water in and cause additional damage by ice in the winter. Be sure chimney cap is in good condition, if it is not or if you do not have one, then we will replace or install one. This will keep critters from enjoying the heat of your home inside your chimney, potentially making nests, leading to chimney fires.
  • Flue – We check the entire flue lining with specialized equipment to be sure you are safe from a chimney fire or worse.

For your heating system, we inspect, repair or replace:

  • Chimney and vent pipe – We check to be sure it is correctly angled and has no leaks or blockages, which could fill the house with deadly carbon monoxide gas.
  • High temperature limit control – This keeps the system from getting too hot, so it is important to check that it is working properly.
  • Pressure relief valve on the boiler – We check to be sure this is providing a safe discharge and operating properly.
  • Gas units – We check, repair and clean pilot lights (on older models), valve, heat exchanger, main burners, all checked for damage, cracks and inefficiencies.
  • Oil units – We do a thorough cleaning, as well as change the oil filter and burner.

Warm, Safe Homes This Winter, in Queens, NY and surrounding areas

To make your home in Queens or surrounding areas, warm, safe and efficient this winter, contact us today, 877-706-3349, or email us. We provide same day, next day or emergency service. And will beat or match any quotes that you receive from other chimney cleaning or heating repair and maintenance services. One call will do it all!