Autumn Is Here: Time for Winterizing Home

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Autumn Is Here: Time for Winterizing Home

Autumn is here and soon colder weather.

Prepare for Winter To Do List:

  1. Clean gutters
  2. Seal up masonry in walkways, steps and stonework.
  3. Insulate your house with caulking around windows and doors, weather stripping on doors, etc.
  4. Either have your leaves raked and cleared away, or chopped by a mulching mower to feed your lawn next year.
  5. Inspect your furnace and boiler
  6. Get your air ducts cleaned

You could do these yourself, spending many hours and extra time and money for trips to hardware and home supply stores. Or you could hire individual contractors to do each of these tasks. Or you can hire Service MEDIX for all the jobs, have them arrive together and take care of your “To Do” list, with efficiency and skill. Then receive one bill that will be less than hiring the 4 services separately.

Long Island, NY Prepares for Winter

The Service MEDIX difference is that we guarantee lower prices and highest quality. We provide service technicians who have been trained with our efficiency plan. And who have been background checked and given competency tests to assure they meet our standards. We choose only friendly and respectful workers to represent us. Sending heating experts, masonry contractors, people to do handyman services, plumbers, and window and door experts, all at once. So you don’t have to make a half dozen phone calls and shuffle your schedule to wait for each one. And extra bonus: you don’t have to pay the first hour fee for each. Our bill will be up to 10% less than all other estimates that you receive.

Call us 1 (877) 70-MEDIX, email us, or contact us here, to get your house ready for the cold months ahead. Where ever you live in Long Island, NY, feel free to call us any time, for emergencies, same day service, 24/7 we are here to provide you with the most efficient service at the best price.