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From Leaking
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We’ve Got You
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Why Choose Us?


From the bay to the ocean, and Floral Park to Farmingdale, our tradespeople in Nassau county are ready when you are. Whether you have a business or a home, one call does it all. From roof to basement, inside to outside, you are covered. No multiple contractors, multiple “first hour fees”, everyone arrives together to complete your job


With just a call or email, we can send an estimate quickly. Our pricing system is flexible, based on your needs: hourly, flat rate or square foot. This can provide an average savings of 25% on total project costs. Along with that, you have our guarantee that we will beat any estimate by 10%. Save time, money and aggravation, with one call.


Leaky roof, stubborn clog, messy garage and more, with one call, Service MEDIX will do it all, on the same day or a day of your choice. Our techs arrive together, each works on their specialty and gets it done, hassle-free for you. No waiting days or weeks, no multiple calls with multiple estimates and multiple down days to wait for people to arrive.


One call, does it all. Experienced tradespeople from Service MEDIX cover many different skills, taking care of your service, maintenance or repair needs, with know-how and thorough attention to detail. Read More >

How It Works

Make an Appointment with Service Medix

Make an Appointment

Any day, any time, emergency, same day, 24/7, whatever time is convenient. Schedule an appointment with us, via phone or online.

Service Medix Completes Work

Service MEDIX Completes

Service MEDIX tradespeople arrive on time and all together, to complete the projects of your choice. The job is not closed, until you are happy with the results.

Very Happy Customer

Very Happy Customer

We stand by our guarantee of satisfaction, that is the Service MEDIX difference. You will receive the highest quality results.

Any day, any time, emergency, same day, 24/7, whatever time is convenient. Schedule an appointment with us, via phone or online.

Service MEDIX tradespeople arrive on time and all together, to complete the projects of your choice. The job is not closed, until you are happy with the results.

We stand by our guarantee of satisfaction, that is the Service MEDIX difference. You will receive the highest quality results.


We have a written guarantee that our labor is of highest quality at the best prices. With pride, we stand by our results, providing the most skilled contractors for every job.  Included in our guarantee is that we will beat our competitors prices, by up to 10%. Call anytime 1 (877) 70-MEDIX or contact us here.

Service MEDIX - Vetted Professionals

Vetted Professionals

We do background and competency tests on all our Service MEDIX contractors. We fully train them in our efficiency system to be sure each and every job is attended to with the detail required to fulfill our guarantee. We always send friendly and courteous tradespeople to your home or business.

Next Day Availability

Ease of Availability

Emergency, same day, next day or any day, whenever it is convenient for you, we’ll be there. We will not leave you stranded for days or weeks waiting for a service contractor to arrive, only to be late or delayed additional days. We will arrive on schedule, anywhere in Nassau County from Floral Park to Farmingdale.

Quality Comes First

Putting Quality First

Service MEDIX will give you the highest quality at the best price. Because we have trained our service techs in our efficiency system, you will get the best quality along
with the saving money. Quality of service is our highest priority.

One call does it all in Nassau county. Done right the first time is the Service MEDIX difference, guaranteed. We assure all your service needs are met by our highly experienced tradespeople. If you have many problems needing attention, and you have no time to call numerous services and give up hours or days waiting for different service techs to arrive, and if you do not want to pay multiple “first hour” fees, then call Service MEDIX. We will do it all at once, any time, any day, with one final bill, that is guaranteed to be up to 10% less than our competitors. After all is done, you’ll know that you never need to search for help again.

I just recently had some plumbing work done downstairs from another company and due to an error on their part I returned from a weekend get away with the kids to discover a flooded basement. My neighbor recommended me to Service MEDIX because they used them a while back for a similar issue. They sent…

Brian B. Plumbing / Remodeling

My neighbors down the block house burned down last year due to a dryer vent fire and they whole block has been getting their vents and air ducts cleaned, so we decided to join in and do the same considering we’ve never had them serviced since we moved in over 10 years ago. Service MEDIX…

Natalie L. Air

We actually had Service MEDIX re-do our downstairs basement a little over year ago and they did an excellent job. We decided to hold off on repainting until now. We called them back and they were happy to come back and finish the job. Paint came out great and they helped us with the right…

Mark G. Remodeling / Painting

Me and my family just went Solar and decided to get some new smart home gadgets to complete the package. Not having the first clue how to install these gadgets I came across ServiceMedix.com thankfully and they had guys out to me within a few hours. They did a great job installing the new smart…

Jesse C. Handyman / Electric

I’ve been through now 3 plumbing companies and no one has been able to really fix my issue with the downstairs toilet always running. Decided to give Service MEDIX a shot after coming across the website and they identified the problem really quickly. Shocking to me all that needed to be done was a new…

Tim H. Plumbing

Called Service MEDIX to have my new curtains and shutters put in. They also noticed a problem with a few of the windows and there was a draft coming in. Explaining why the downstairs was always so cold. Jeff and Ray did an excellent job and they even weatherproofed, and the windows for us. No…

Ellen A. Windows

My son just bought his first apartment and he’s staying in town. We needed so many of his things to be moved because he doesn’t like throwing anything away. Called up Service MEDIX to see what they can do for us. They were here in just a few hours and had a truck and bubble…

Joy R. Moving

My wife got me into crossfit a few months ago and we love it so we bought some home gym equipment because we can’t always make the class times due to our work schedules. Ray and Jeff from Service MEDIX came down to my garage and put together all of our new gear. They mounted…

Andrew C. Remodeling / Handyman

Been waiting for the weather to get nicer out to start using my brand new outside grill, but it’s actually extremely hard to put together. Thankfully Service MEDIX technicians are near by and are able to get out to me so fast. I was shocked how fast they put the thing together and got it…

Matt E. Outdoors / Handyman

One of our units in our buildings dryer vent caught on fire last year and it became mandatory to have them cleaned once a year. Our super contacted Service MEDIX and now they handle the whole building. I was surprised at how fast they were able to service all of our dryer vents. Didn’t know…

Howard L. Air

Called Service MEDIX to get some backyard work done at our new house we just moved into. We needed a lot done. Ray and Pablo we’re amazing, they cleaned out the junk in the backyard from the old homeowners, they assembled our new outside furniture by the pool, and installed our new led lights around…

Stephanie B. Junk Removal / Outdoors / Electric

I own a demolition company and we make a mess when we work. I found out that Service MEDIX does a lot of junk removal work in my area, and I had to give them a call. I was shocked at how fast they got my job site cleaned up and cleared away. They had…

Mike T. Junk Removal

I had recently hurt my back otherwise I would have done this myself, but I had a light fixture I wanted installed and couldn’t do it on my own so I went online as soon as possible to find some help. Surely enough I came across Service MEDIX and called immediately. They were very quick…

Frank D. Electric / Handyman

I called Service MEDIX after finding them on google. They are such a great team of people, and i’m so impressed how they handle they’re operation because they do so much. My kitchen, living room and bedroom all needed to be painted, I needed a wall A.C unit installed in my bedroom, and they installed…

Erica W. Painting / Air / Remodeling

I found Service MEDIX online through google, and came across their website, and was extremely impressed with what I saw. I noticed they do a wide variety of work but all I needed was my new ceiling fan installed for my living room. I gave them a call and they were here in just a…

Richie A. Handyman / Electric

I found these guys on google, and a friend of mine has actually used them before and speaks very highly of them. I had a leaky sink faucet in my 1/2 bath in my downstairs den, and they came in and handled it quickly. These guys know what they’re doing and are super cool guys.…

Vincent K. Plumbing

I had recently just moved into a new apartment and needed so many things done. A friend of mine had recommended me to Service MEDIX because of the awesome job she said they did when she just moved in to her new place last year. I needed a window air conditioner installed, they helped with…

Denise N. Air / Window / Handyman
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